Webinar: The 6 Most Important Success Factors for Self-Service

The IT service desk puts a lot of effort and time into creating and enabling knowledge for employee self-service but does that translate to automatic success? Join this webinar to learn how to prevent your self-service portal from falling short of expectations as we discuss the 6 most important factors to self-service success!

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Webinar: 4 Key Myths about Self-Service

Just like the unicorn or the fabled Loch Ness monster myths are riddled through the IT service industry. Don’t fall for these false truths within your organization by learning the 4 key myths about self-servic.

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Seamless Integration Self Service

Webinar: More incentive for your IT Service Management

More and more people are using the Internet on a daily basis to obtain information and resolve problems on their own. In our day-to-day work, however, we have to reach for the phone or write an IT ticket,  even for small IT problems. Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from our experts' knowledge.

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Webinar: Knowledge Center – the ACTIVE knowledge base

Discover how Knowledge Center integrates in processes. Learn how ACTIVE documents reduce the number of documents and so the time and effort involved in editing and maintaining them Obtain an overview of the wide range of functions: Questionnaires, guided dialogues, e-learning, correspondence management and much more.

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