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Technical customer service:
Knowledge transfer for ideal service on site

Technical customer service (also called field service / after sales service) is under enormous time and cost pressures. Internationally operating customers expect competent local customer service worldwide.

Service organisations face the challenge of keeping pace with technological developments and globalisation. Internationalisation of the market requires knowledge to be available in different countries, languages, skill levels and cultures and to be leveraged to provide high-quality services locally.

Not least, demographic change is becoming a challenge. The process of generational transition has begun, and experts are taking their knowledge with them when they leave the company, for example due to retirement. That comes on top of the existing fluctuation of service staff at the company. This loss of knowledge is difficult to compensate for, since it takes a very long time to train service employees. At the same time, qualified junior staff is rare and the shortage of skilled employees can be felt.

Buzzwords like smart factory, remote service, Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things mean that service processes need to be automated. An important step in that direction is to integrate knowledge in the business processes in question. After all: the greater the degree of automation, the better.

Our portfolio for technical customer service

Knowledge Management Software

The ACTIVE knowledge base USU Knowledge Center for integrated provision of quality-assured knowledge throughout the service process.

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Analysis of cause

Pinpoint the causes of problems systematically with USU Knowledge Scout. Eliminate problems lastingly with the aid of fault patterns.

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Brings the latest Technical Documents to the Top of a Hit List

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 When it comes to automotive technology, topics and their content can change daily. In such a dynamic situation, the knowledge provided by our agents has to be able to keep up. USU’s technologies always bring the latest technical documents to the top of a hit list. Not only do we benefit from this accuracy, but so do, above all, our members and contract partners.

Anton Graf, Head of Technical Training, Touring Club Schweiz TCS