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Active communication with customers over all channels

Collaboration by the persons responsible for online marketing, e-commerce and social media with service areas of companies is growing in importance.

More and more customers communicate online: They want to obtain the information they need from the company website, share information on services or products in forums and social networks, give ratings and use online retailing. Complex advertising campaigns, customer loyalty programmes and shorter and shorter product lifecycles demand close dialogue between Marketing, Sales and Service.

A consistent and authentic image can be conveyed externally only by speaking "with one voice" across all channels when communicating with customers.

Our portfolio in Online Marketing

Knowledge Management Software

Ensure with the ACTIVE knowledge base USU Knowledge Center that all information can be found quickly, in up-to-date and quality-assured form, on all communication channels.

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Online Self-Service

Provide frequent queries in the service centre as FAQs on your website – and relieve the workload on customer service.

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