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Rapid information with the 115 municipal service

Citizens have a lot of diverse questions to ask their public administration agencies. Whether they concern issues such as applying for parental subsidies, the next date for trash collection or even permission for holding a block party: Questions like these have to be answered as quickly and fully as possible.

To enable that, a professional knowledge database is absolutely essential because it permits fast access to the latest and quality-assured information at all times.

Since the launch of the central public service number 115, there has been growing pressure on the federal states and local authorities to establish and enhance the services they offer to citizens. At the same time, the need to economise restricts the leeway of many of them in this regard or necessitates service structures that enable efficiency to be increased and costs reduced.

USU AG is the technology partner to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for the "Citizen Service Hotline 115" project. Benefit from our tried-and-tested experience from numerous projects and successful installations of USU KnowledgeCenter in municipal services.

Our portfolio for municipal services

Knowledge Base

Integrate local knowledge bases with USU Knowledge Center and the central 115 knowledge base. No matter whether it’s at the federal, state or local level, the knowledge located at all administrative levels is immediately available to callers.

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Online Self-Service

Provide FAQs on the website – fewer queries in municipal services.

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