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IT service management faces a large number of requirements nowadays. The goal is not only to increase the quality of service, yet cut costs. Apart from these economic objectives, the structures and technologies at the UHD are subject to constant change.

For instance, services are increasingly obtained externally as Software as a Service (SaaS) or from the cloud. Mobile media and the BYOD trend also pose new challenges for the world of IT service management. And not least, it is usually no longer enough just for the service desk to provide support for the infrastructure: Specialised applications also have to be supported to a growing extent.

These developments mean greater complexity, more extensive coordination tasks and so higher demands on the know-how of service staff.

Increasing professionalisation and process standardisation, implementation of self-service functions and equipping service staff with optimised, active knowledge bases are tried-and-tested means for providing comprehensive support for these new topics and tasks.

Our portfolio for the UHD

Knowledge Management Software

USU Knowledge Center is the active knowledge base for the IT service desk. It ensures efficient ITIL®-compliant provision of knowledge.

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IT Self-Service

USU Smart Link is the powerful self-service solution that demonstrably enjoys user acceptance and slashes the number of tickets lastingly.

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Context-Related Access to all Sources of Knowledge

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Due to the central importance of knowledge in the IT service, we opted for a professional tool from market leader USU. Nowadays, our agents need a 360-degree data supply, not only an overview of incidents and service requests. This means context-related access to all sources of knowledge, i.e. solution documents, manuals or guidelines, for example.

 Bastian Dieckmann, CEO, Vater BankIT GmbH