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Call and service centers are the central points of contact for customers. Relevant, up-to-date and quality-assured knowledge must be available quickly to staff in both inbound or outbound customer service.

Customer service is increasingly coming under pressure to improve key performance indicators, such as the call handling time, the first call resolution rate or subsequent handling times. Customer satisfaction and loyalty increasingly depend directly on the service level.

This development is taking place in a constantly changing environment. Additional communication channels, such as e-mail, social media, chats or self service, have to be integrated and the contents of documents change at short intervals of times. Personnel changes also have to be tackled as part of day-to-day business - new agents have to be familiarised with the job or temporary employees or part-time staff are deployed.

USU solutions are used in customer service by many companies. Our customers number medium-sized and large international enterprises from different industries.

Our portfolio for customer service centers

Knowledge Management Software

The ACTIVE knowledge base USU Knowledge Center for rapid provision of quality-assured information on all communication channels.

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Online Self-Service

Provide frequent queries in the service centre as FAQs on your website – and relieve the workload on customer service.

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Almost 80 % less Documents

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Our service employees used to work with over 8,000 documents, some of which were very long and complex. The USU technology has allowed us to reduce this number by almost 80% to just 1,200 ACTIVE documents today. Access to tailored questionnaires has made processing quick and simple for employees.

Sandra Pütz, Project Manager, Unitymedia GmbH