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Active Knowledge Management with Knowledge Center

The use of smart knowledge management systems in service centers is increasingly becoming a critical factor for success. Conventional knowledge bases usually just manage and search standard documents.

Knowledge Center is different. It quickly and automatically processes and displays the correct
content for your service employees so they can work more productively. We’ve drawn on our many years of experience and best practices gleaned from countless successful customer projects to create the next generation of Knowledge Center, a single integrated system packed with innovative features. The crucial factors that determine customer satisfaction with your service include:

  • A consistently high quality of service
  • Interaction over all relevant communication channels (multichannel function)
  • Rapid responses to questions (call handling time)
  • Complete resolution of customer issues (first contact resolution rate)

50 %

increase in productivity


70 %

fewer documents

80 %

faster training period

Intelligent support with our ACTIVE functions

ACTIVE search

  • Automatically creates topic overviews for all relevant information
  • Finds the right document quickly and precisely

Interagent chat

  • Supports active knowledge sharing in the team through an integrated chat feature
  • Automatically transfers solutions to the knowledge base

ACTIVE documents

  • Provide interactive, step-by-step guidance to the right solution
  • Graphically display decision trees that navigate to the right answer


  • Pinpoints information on new content
  • Trains and tests employees as they work

Advantages of the user groups of the knowledge base


  • The right information to suit the context is provided
  • Wizards that guide users actively
  • Up-to-date subscriptions
  • Intelligent references, e.g. to frequently used solutions


  • Quick and easy creation of documents using templates
  • Personal task area with automatic notification
  • Less effort to maintain documents
  • Secure archiving, versioning and historisation of documents


  • Predefined standard reports
  • Goal-driven controlling of service processes
  • Maximum adaptability to internal workflows and processes

End customers

  • Quick and easy help in response to questions and problems
  • Knowledge is available in the preferred communications channel (website, social media, customer forum, etc.)
  • Self-Service

What our customers say


"The most important factor in measuring the success of our work is the feedback from the employees at BASF SE. The consistently high usage of our information system and an overall customer satisfaction rating of 90 % both show just how well we’re doing. By deploying USU KnowledgeCenter we’ve been able to significantly increase the quality of our responses to HR-related enquiries." Huber Knapp, Head of Personnel Services, BASF SE

Further customer feedback

Comparision of knowledge bases

If service departments want to improve their knowledge management they often hear: „Knowledge management? We use Sharepoint!“ - But is Sharepoint always the right soultion? Find out which knowledge management software solution (Sharepoint, Wikis, Intranets, Knowledge databases or FAQs) has the features you need for your service organization in our comparision free of charge.

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