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Knowledge management with Knowledge Center

Using knowledge professionally - A knowledge base offers service staff rapid access to the information they need to deal with questions or incidents. Knowledge Center is an ACTIVE knowledge base for professional knowledge management in service.

Whereas simple knowledge management systems specialise in administering and searching through conventional documents, Knowledge Center controls ACTIVE knowledge objects that are offered as "snippets of knowledge" to suit the needs at hand and in precisely the right situation. As a result, Knowledge Center ensures the right answers are supplied for all specific questions and so enables even more productive work.

Knowledge Center

50 %

increase in productivity


70 %

fewer documents

80 %

faster training period

Benefits of Knowledge Center

  • Quality-assured, up-to-date knowledge
  • Greater efficiency – up to 70 % fewer documents
  • An increase in productivity of up to 50 %
  • Seamless integration into business processes
  • Proven high level of user acceptance

Thanks to the ACTIVE knowledge objects, redundant content is a thing of the past. The number of documents is reduced, the time and effort required to edit and maintain them is cut, and efficiency is increased. Enhance productivity at the same time and make even complex content easy to understand thanks to innovative functions of Knowledge Center. That avoids problems having to be passed on to other staff or the need for callbacks. As a result, you provide your customers with information in a more targeted way and comply with demanding service level agreements (SLAs). Other systems, such as a ticketing system, CRM system, ERP system, document management system or self service, are easy to integrate in the knowledge management software via a standard interface. And experience how an ergonomic user interface and high usability make working a pleasure.

You have the possibility to install Knowledge Center "on premise" in your IT environment or to  obtain our software as a cloud solution "Software as a Service".

Functions of the Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Center Function - ACTIVE Search
Automatic generated theme overview of all relevant information to find the right document faster
Knowledge Center Funktion - Bedingtes Dokument
Users are Steered through Complex Processes
ACTIVE documents guide service staff to the right solution using interactive step-by-step instructions. Superfluous information is hidden.
Knowledge Center Function - Questionnaires
Questionnaires lead service agents through the call and ensure that all possible questions are asked.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Lernende Suche
Learning Search
Users benefit from the experience of others: The learning search points them automatically to the most suitable document. Users can provide better information faster: The relevant knowledge is provided to suit the context of the query.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Workflow
No need to Switch to other Systems
Users can start workflows directly in USU KnowledgeCenter, for example by means of input forms or questionnaires.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Aufgabenübersicht Redaktion
Professional Editing Environment
There is no longer any need to switch to other systems: Editors work in a professional environment with a state-of-the-art WYSIWYG editor. Release processes and to-do lists automate the creation process and ensure that knowledge documents are always up-to-date.
Knowledge Center Function - Chat between agents
Intercommunion between the team for difficult questions
Knowledge Center Funktion - Dokumentenvergleich
Document Comparison
USU Knowledge Center automatically compares versions, fees or offers. That gives users a quick overview, enabling them to provide better advice or sell more effectively.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Benachrichtigungen
Messaging Functions
Users are always kept up-to-date: Up-to-date functions and personalised messaging supply information on what is new in the relevant area of work.
Knowledge Center Funktion - E-Learning
Train employees and shorten the familiarisation period for new staff. Integrated e-learning ensures knowledge transfer, since service staff acquire knowledge or complete tests on their own.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Korrespondenzmanagement
Correspondence Management
Avoid duplicate work when sending information. With Correspondence Management, you use parts of the knowledge documents, such as in e-mails, letters, chats or social media.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Reporting
Rich Reports
Control the service centre ideally with rich reports: Predefined standard reports reveal potential for improvement.
Knowledge Center Funktion - Attraktives Design
Attractive Design
Knowledge Center Function - Multi Channel
Identical knowledge on all channels, optimized for the individual characteristics of each particular channel

Advantages of the user groups of the knowledge base


  • The right information to suit the context is provided
  • Wizards that guide users actively
  • Up-to-date subscriptions
  • Intelligent references, e.g. to frequently used solutions


  • Quick and easy creation of documents using templates
  • Personal task area with automatic notification
  • Less effort to maintain documents
  • Secure archiving, versioning and historisation of documents


  • Predefined standard reports
  • Goal-driven controlling of service processes
  • Maximum adaptability to internal workflows and processes

End customers

  • Quick and easy help in response to questions and problems
  • Knowledge is available in the preferred communications channel (website, social media, customer forum, etc.)
  • Self-Service

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