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Smart Link - the easiest IT self-service solution

Users expect fast, reliable help for acute IT problems or questions about specific IT applications. The telephone is usually the first choice of communication – but it is not always the most efficient. An intelligent IT self-service solution supports users directly and quickly, effectively reducing the number of queries directed to IT support.

Smart Link is a self-service solution that pools all IT-relevant information and functions for end-users into a single channel. It does not matter whether a user submits a service request, reports a disruption, or has a general IT question. Smart Link provides all these functions within a single interface. Your existing systems, such as IT ticketing, service request applications, and document storage are not replaced, but simply complemented.  Furthermore, users can access Smart Link across all platforms; desktops,  notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

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Benefits of the self service portal Smart Link

For the user
  • All IT related information in one solution
  • 24/7 support (also offline)
  • Faster ticket solution
  • Pro-active information about maintenance work ensures no workflow interruptions
  • Multi-channel and multi-device (smartphone, tablet, desktop computer)
  • Multilingualism
For IT service
  • Increase in efficiency due to less tickets
  • More time for challenging queries and for correcting disruptions
  • Greater productivity due to avoidance of standard-query calls
  • Simple connection and integration into existing systems
  • Independent Diagnosis Assistant
  • Simple maintenance of the content in a central knowledge base

One central solution for all IT inquiries

  • Answers FAQ about IT topics allowing users to search your central knowledge base
  • Communication via Chatbot is possible
  • Pro-active messaging and alarm system for IT notifications
  • Submitting and tracking of IT tickets
  • Direct contact to the support team via chat

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