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Pro-active messaging and alarm system for IT notifications

Disruption and maintenance work in IT can interrupt the workflows of many users, resulting in a great deal of irritation. Almost everyone is familiar with the problem: The e-mail system isn’t working, or there is no internet connection. But what’s causing the problem?

Is it a central problem, or can it be found on the PC that is trying to make the connection? If your colleagues are having the same problem, the user contacts IT support – probably about the same time your colleagues are doing the same. The users are put on hold, and there is a spike in the number of service tickets.

Pro-active IT information to all affected users.

Smart Alert is an innovative IT messaging and alarm system that allows quick, direct distribution of information within the company. The notifications can be

  • Displayed to a restricted user group only
  • Sent in multiple languages
  • Published at tailored times.

These functions allow IT service the greatest possible flexibility and efficiency in notifying users.

Advantages and Utility

for the user
  • Targeted information for each situation
  • Pro-active information about maintenance work ensures no workflow interruptions
  • Greater efficiency since no time is lost in support hotline use
  • Improved IT availability for complex queries
  • Avoidance of information overload – affected users are notified in a targeted manner
  • No missed information- alerts are displayed in a pop-up directly on the users computer
for IT service
  • Quick reaction capability for urgent issues such as service disruption
  • Reduced number of callers alleviates workload
  • Greater productivity due to avoidance of standard-query calls
  • More time for challenging queries and for correcting the disruption
  • Satisfied users mean better IT reputation and acceptance
  • Simple connection and integration into existing systems

Urgent notifications are immediately visible on the desktop as pop-ups

Smart Alert immediately displays disruption notifications on the affected users’ screens. This makes the information directly visible without requiring the current application to be closed. The addressee can be selected using specific criteria:

  • Location
  • Organizational unit
  • IP address range
  • Client characteristic (such as processes running)

IT quick reaction capability for urgent issues such as service disruption

What our customers say


“The Smart Link alerting function allows us at the IT service desk to provide quick, targeted information to only those users who are affected by the disruptions and system failures, without distracting anyone else from their workflows. Urgent messages delivered by pop-up are ideal for attracting the necessary attention immediately and avoiding calls to support.We have seen clear support relief as a result of Smart Alert.“
Marvin Stange, IT-Systemmanager, GISA GmbH

Further customer feedback

Infographic IT self-service

Infographic - How well does IT inform its users. A central incident in IT can interrupt the flow of work for many users and thus cause a great deal of frustration. However, the situation can be made less stressful both for the user and IT support if the IT department actively informs users when it becomes aware of a new incident or is due to carry out maintenance work. This infgraphic recaps at the extent to which this occurs nowadays and whether or not it‘s successful.

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