Knowledge Scout - Greater efficiency thanks to service automation

The ACTIVE advisor system Knowledge Scout supports employees in the service and troubleshooting process. Apart from offering rapid access to the information needed, a further distinguishing feature of Knowledge Scout is that fault patterns can be created for complex interrelationships. That means even non-experts can identify the problem by means of a root cause analysis.

Apart from storing fault diagnoses, solution documents, etc., Knowledge Scout can search all the relevant systems to access troubleshooting knowledge that is already available centrally. Seamless integration in business processes and service workflows enables automation of service processes.

Knowledge Scout

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Benefits of Knowledge Scout

  • Access to all sources of information
  • Conservation of experience and knowledge
  • Transfer of know-how to non-experts
  • High first call resolution rate
  • Avoidance of multiple service callouts
  • Seamless integration into business processes
  • Proven high level of user acceptance

Use of the central knowledge management system reveals knowledge gaps, i.e. a lack of documentation on specific queries. The missing solution documents are written and their quality is checked using a defined workflow.

You have the possibility to install USU Knowledge Scout "on premise" in your IT environment or to  obtain our software as a cloud solution "Software as a Service".

Functions of the ACTIVE advisor system

Knowledge Scout Function - Guided troubleshooting
Guided troubleshooting for complex interrelationship
Non-linear fault diagnosis, for example when there are complex queries and many possible causes. Based on the description of the incident, queries narrow down the causes and lead to the right solution.
Knowledge Scout Function - modelling editor
Professional modelling editor
Simple graphical creation of solution approaches. No programming knowledge whatsoever is required.
Knowledge Scout Function - Agents
Automated (sub)diagnoses can be integrated in the fault patterns. Questions, such as the voltage applied, can be answered automatically on the basis of accessible data. As a result, interactive decision-making competence is automated.
Knowledge Scout Function - powerful search
Powerful search
A powerful search function supplys information in a structured way so it can be used by target groups to suit their needs.
Knowledge Scout Function - Feedback
Feedback Functions
Continuous further development of the system as a result of integrated feedback functions.
Knowledge Scout Function - Reporting
Rich Reports
Predefined standard reports reveal potential for improvement.
Knowledge Scout Function - Offline Client
Offline client
The knowledge base is synchronised with the field service notebook for on-site callouts. Alternatively, the knowledge is also available on a USB stick.